Technology entrepreneurship phd thesis

Technology Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Explore the entrepreneurial concepts and processes that are found in both established companies with a pioneering spirit and start-ups. Build your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge with a learning experience that combines theory with practical strategies drawn from real-world situations, such as identifying market opportunities, managing risk and change, encouraging innovation, and raising capital.

Technology entrepreneurship phd thesis

Price College of Business focuses on opportunity development, new venture development and organizational aspects of entrepreneurship. Students in the Entrepreneurship program are expected to develop competencies in nascent venture development, resource acquisition, micro entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and strategic entrepreneurship.

In addition, all students receive rigorous training in basic and advanced statistics and research methodologies. Most doctoral candidates are appointed to a research assistantship early in their program to encourage interaction with faculty members.

In addition, many summer research opportunities are provided for students. The PhD in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship program is a full-time doctoral program aimed at preparing its graduates for academic careers at major research universities.

Curriculum The requirements for the PhD in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship involves doctoral coursework, a research-readiness requirement, a General Examination, and the successful completion of a dissertation. Most adequately-prepared doctoral candidates should be able to complete these requirements in a four-year time period, especially if they have already earned an MBA degree.

Students without an MBA degree can satisfy foundational knowledge in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Economics in several ways.

Graduate College requirements require 90 hours past the Bachelor's degree for the Ph. Coursework The doctoral coursework involves 47 hours of required courses: Furthermore, each student must engage in an independent research project during the second summer of the student's program of study.

The second-year paper should make a theory-based empirical contribution to the literature in the student's field. An additional objective of this project is for students to publish their paper in a top-tier journal, although the paper does not have to be published for the student to receive a satisfactory evaluation on this requirement.

A faculty member will supervise the research; however, the idea for the study, its design, and the empirical analyses are the responsibility of the student. At the conclusion of the research, each student will prepare a manuscript for submission to the Divisional Ph.

Committee and for presentation at a Divisional research seminar in the fall this will usually take place during the first semester of the third year of the student's program of study. General Examination After completing coursework and the research readiness requirement but prior to beginning the dissertation, each Management and Entrepreneurship doctoral student must successfully pass a written exam covering their major, concentration and elective coursework, understanding of the Entrepreneurship and related Management research literature as represented in the doctoral course work and as approved by the Management and Entrepreneurship Division's Standing Divisional Doctoral Advisory Committee, and capability to create and justify a research design given an assigned phenomenon to be investigated.

Dissertation Upon successful completion of the General Examination, a Doctoral Advisory Committee is constituted to oversee the formulation, completion and evaluation of each Management and Entrepreneurship doctoral candidate's dissertation.

Technology entrepreneurship phd thesis

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The target audience is the appointed committee, the . Toward A Theory of Entrepreneurship: The Significance and Meaning of Performance and the Emotion Management of Entrepreneurs A Thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

"Entrepreneurship, Legitimacy and Online Social Communities: An Empirical Analysis," Academy of Management Conference, Sofia Bapna with Benner, M. "Technology Strategy for Standard Setting: The Role of Firms' Technological Scope," Academy of .

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