Girls smarter than boys essay

They also hold rolled up documents bound by ribbons which suggest diplomas or degrees. The male wears a school ring on his left hand. In particular, women, on average, are better than men at so-called episodic memorywhich involves recalling and describing experiences and facts, while men's edge over women in numerical abilities has narrowed somewhat. The findings were drawn from a large study of older people from 13 different European countries.

Girls smarter than boys essay

Could these be true? Girls outperform boys on test averages Data from internationally benchmarked tests show that boys lag behind girls on test averages. In all but six of the 72 countries participating in PISA, year-old boys are more likely than girls of the same age to be low-achievers on the composite average of all three subjects tested.

Behind the averages is a more complex story. In fact, boys outscore girls at the top of the distribution, and they underperform at the bottom. Boys are more likely than girls to repeat a gradeless likely to attend college, and less likely to persist in attaining a degree if they do here and here.

Despite this higher performance by women, female college students continue to be under-represented in technical fields like engineering and computer science. Boys perform marginally better on mathematics and science This higher average performance by girls masks important variations across individual subjects as demonstrated in the figure below.

While girls consistently score higher in reading and writing across the assessments, boys tend to perform better on assessments in mathematics and science in the majority of countries in which these tests—and others, such as the PASEQ and SACMEQ and the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study —are administered.

The Middle East seems to be the only region for which the mathematics advantage for boys does not hold. This male advantage in mathematics is otherwise so pervasive, in fact, that a gender gap is observed even when analyzing the results of twins of different genders in Chile.

Gender-based gaps emerge early on and grow over time While girls and boys perform at equal levels in both mathematics and reading scores between kindergarten and Grade 2, boys score slightly better in mathematics and worse in reading starting in Grade 3.

This subject-specific gender gap continues to grow through elementary and secondary schools hereherehereand here. The mathematics and science gap in favor of boys, however, may be shifting. On the TIMSS, boys had higher mathematics achievement than girls in all the countries where a gender difference was observed.

In science, boys outperformed girls in almost all countries by Grade 8. In about half the countries tested, there were no statistical differences in gender performance in mathematics and science.

Boys, however, still outperformed girls on mathematics and science in the majority of the remaining countries. A number of biological and socio-cultural causes have been proposed to explain the observed gender-based gaps in learning.

Are there gender-based differences in brain structure? General intelligence tests suggest that there may be no overall differences between male and female cognitive ability.

But there do appear to be gender differences in brain development and competency on specific cognitive tasks. The hippocampuswhere memory and language are derived from, develops more rapidly and is larger in girls than in boys.

Why girls are smarter than boys Speech

Girls also have more of their cerebral cortex defined for verbal function. This impacts vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

Boys, on the other hand, have more of their cerebral cortex defined for spatial relationships. As a result, they outperform girls at visual-spatial tasks and learn more easily through movement and visual experience.

This impacts mathematics skills. Girls also produce more serotonin and oxytocin, which may make them calmer, more interested in emotional connection, and capable of maintaining focus for longer periods of time.

A study found that middle-school girls edge out boys in overall self-discipline. Do teachers affect this gender gap? Male and female teachers might have unique biases in how they engage boys and girls in the classroom. For example, there is evidence that teachers are more likely to praise comments made by boys but merely acknowledge comments by girls.

Similarly, cognitive process theories suggest that teachers may have different academic expectations of boys and girls, and students may be responding to these a Pygmalion effect. For example, students may be more responsive to a same-gender teacher due to role-model effects.

Do societal expectations shape outcomes? Gender-gaps may arise from differences in socially-derived confidence. Commonly held gender beliefs attribute language as a female domain and mathematics as a male one see also hereand these assumptions seem to define how girls and boys absorb social notions of masculine and feminine behaviors here and here.The whole public school system is designed for girls to succeed.

Girls smarter than boys essay

all the methods of teaching are what works best for girls, but girls are smarter than boys. They took all the trades out of schools like wood shop, auto mechanics.

women just naturally want to do what is easy. And until such time as women CHOOSE partners who are less than, or equal to, themselves in terms of intelligence, the statement that ‘men are more intelligent than women’ will remain true even when looking at the issue as it relates to partnerships between men and women.

The reality is that girls as a group and boys as a group are more alike than they are different. Differences between individual girls or between individual boys are much greater.

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Girls are hardworking. Girls don't use stereotypes like boys do. they could've at least taken a writing class on expository essays ilke pursuasive essays. If they can't think of reasons. Her younger sister is just like any other younger sibling—always in your face, probably smarter than you, and quick with the one-liners.

All these girls have real interests and passions. Top ten best reasons girls are better than boys. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (3) Share.

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