Ancient things

Norte Chico in the Andes The first civilization emerged in Sumer in the southern region of Mesopotamia now part of modern day Iraq. C, Sumerian city states had collectively formed civilizationwith government, religion, diversity of labor and writing. Among the city states Ur was among the most significant.

Ancient things

Share Shares 30 Ancient surfaces swing from dusty old clay to opulent metals and dyes. Whether they belong to breathtaking artifacts or boring pots, surfaces can tell a missing story as much as the artifact itself.

Sometimes, what hides in the cracks can solve sticky secrets or confound the experts further. Myths can be scientifically supported or old beliefs banished. Remarkably, at times, the unexpected shines through—the personality of an ancient artist or the cringeworthy ingredients used to create dyes.

Ancient things

A 4,year-old pot has archaeologists smiling because of an unexpected discovery on its surface. Inwhen it was unearthed in Turkey near the Syrian border, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

It was another shattered vessel from a site that has seen seven years of excavations and plenty of artifacts. The restoration team pieced together the big-bellied pot and noticed something very familiar to people today.

The white vessel with its single handle was used to drink sherbet, a sweet liquid. While its purpose was clear, it might never be known why the artist added the happy expression.

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The site, Karkamis, once belonged to the Hittites, a Canaanite nation. It was also there that the Battle of Carchemish was fought. This clash, which occurred in BC, was recorded in Jeremiah Most had level floors and long, arched tunnels that wound into complex underground networks of exits, chambers, and passageways.

They did not appear to have been made by any natural geological event. Something found on the ceilings and walls offered a clue. Massive grooves crisscrossed the surface, and closer examination determined that these were ancient claw marks. They are huge, even for the extinct giant sloths or armadillos that are the suspected architects.

The biggest burrow was found in Rondonia in the Amazon. The combined length of its passages was meters 2, ft. The primary tunnels were once 1. Over the course of its creation, which took generations of diggers, the creatures removed 4, metric tons from the hill.And so we have made it to the final entry in the 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts list.

We finish with the second of our two catch-all categories, the first being where we learned about this final entry we are looking at Impossible Fossils, which pretty much live up to their name.

Ancient things

Apr 21,  · When people think of ancient civilizations, a lack of technological advancement and a primitive lifestyle are usually the first things that come to mind.

However, many of the everyday things that we take for granted were actually invented long ago. Here are 10 things which were first thought of. Explore Linda Evans's board "Ancient things" on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Ancient jewelry, Antique jewellery and Old jewelry. Isis, Egyptian Aset or Eset, one of the most important goddesses of ancient name is the Greek form of an ancient Egyptian word for “throne.”. Ancient Names. Home» Names. These names were used in various ancient regions.

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